Soul Part Retrieval

It is believed that when we experience emotional trauma, a part of our soul leaves the body to protect us from deeper hurt, in order for us to survive the experience. The soul in this definition is what is known as life-force. Most Shamanic cultures believe that illness occurs through soul-loss and that this can manifest in the sensory world as, for example, low-self esteem, anxiety disorders, lack of confidence, depression and fear.

This Healing works at soul level, is in two parts and is a very deep Healing. The first part involves the practitioner journeying to the Shamanic Realms to bring back the missing soul-part. This will be the most significant soul-part for the client at this moment in time and will only be what he or she will be able to cope with at the time of the healing. What will be brought back is the essence of what is missing and not the trauma itself. Sometimes a Power Animal will be brought back at the same time to help with a more affective re-integration. The second part of the Healing will take place a week to two weeks later which will be a guided Journey followed by a Fire Ceremony. This is a very beautiful Healing and a time for celebration, as a part of the client's soul is returned to the physical body.

Past Life Healing

Shamans believe that we have lived many lives and that everything is cyclic. This means that we are in a cycle of death and re-birth which is part of our path of knowledge and learning from each life. In this life we may have a sense of an issue that is not resolved or of hanging on to something. This could be the result of a previous life and death experience who's repercussions or ripples are felt in this life.


This Healing is in two parts. The first part involves the practitioner journeying to the Shamanic Realms to be shown the most significant past life for the client at this time. This is a very deep Healing and works at soul level.

Power Animal Retrievial

Shamans believe that when we are born we are connected to what is known as a Power Animal which can bring special qualities into our lives. However, over time this connection maybe lost giving rise to a sense of being disconnected, powerless and lost.


This Healing involves the practitioner journeying to the Shamanic Realm to be shown a Power Animal that will be most needed at this point in time for the client. Sometimes more that one Power Animal will be brought back. In different cultures of Shamanism it is believed that Power Animals possess infinite wisdom and through the nurturing of strong bonds with them, this wisdom and guidance can be accessed and used in healing ourselves and others and to help support and develop our sense of connection to nature and all creation. This Healing works at soul level and after receiving this Healing a feeling of being "powerless" is replaced by a sense of being "powerful"

Extraction Healing

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul and they work with energy. In the case of shamanic extraction they are working with misplaced energy. When there is trauma light (energy) is transformed into dark (denser). No energy is truly bad from a shamanic perspective - it is just dense energy that needs to transformers back to the light energy. 

Shamanic extraction is the removal of denser energy with the aid from an extraction guide the Shama works with. The energy is then transformed and sometimes comes back as a spirit guide (the higher vibration of the energy that was removed) that replaces it or helps integrate the light.

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