Upcoming events


Saturday 27th February 2021 11 - 5pm

Shamanic Introductory Workshop

Learn to connect with your power animal and guides in the spirit world.


TBC 12-5pm

Soul Part Retrieval Workshop

Reclaim parts of your soul that have been taken away and put aside for protection.


Every Wednesday

Shamanic Sacred Circle

Our weekly practice circle where we journey for ourselves and others.


TBC 12-5pm

Past Life Healing Workshop

Heal aspects of previous lives that no longer serve you.


TBC 12-5pm

Soul Contract healing/writing

Discover and rewrite past life contracts that no longer serve you.


TBC 12-5pm

Chambers of the Heart Workshop

Balance your four inner chambers: desire, passion, compassion and surrender.

Get in touch

I'm based in London SW5, UK.

deanaddams@mac.com  |  +44(0)7736 255149

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