About me

Dear friend...

My personal journey has been one of many colourful and fascinating experiences, and it is these experiences that both inspire and fuel my creativity, humanity and spirituality; these essential and significant elements of my individuality are the constant backdrop to my role as a counsellor and a shaman. 

Educationally, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree (graduated with honours) and a Master's degree in English Literature. I have also completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Psychoanalysis and Culture and subsequently achieved a Diploma in Gestalt Therapy. Most recently I went back and completed practical aspect of a Masters in Gestalt Theory & Practice training, meaning I am now trained as a psychotherapist, but I prefer to refer to myself as a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor.

Throughout my academic training, I took a keen interest and specialisation in the field of sexuality including cultural taboos and sexual dissidence, and during the course of my professional career, I have maintained an enthusiastic and devoted interest in human psychology. This interest has been a driving force throughout my many years of practical experience as a counsellor. 

A few years ago I trained as a Shamanic Practitioner and continue to explore the Spiritual realm of my practice. I currently teach people to connect with their spirit guides and run weekly Journey Circles for people to strengthen their connection and perform healings for themselves and others. When spirit asked me to run a weekly group I didn't think anyone would come, or certainly not that often - however - these groups have been running for four and a half years now and remain well attended. I have also started an apprenticeship with a Peruvian Shaman in the Amazon Jungle, working with the spirit energy of the Jungle and Mother Ayahuasca. Both my stays in the jungle were life changing and my work with Mother Ayahuasca is still in process.